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Hearing Tests

A physical examination of your ear

Sometimes dulled hearing can be caused by wax or another medical condition. If either of these situations proves to be the case we will refer you to your GP for the appropriate action and recall you at a later date to recheck your hearing once the medical issue has been resolved.

A hearing test

At this stage of your test you will be asked to put on a pair of headphones and respond to a number of sounds. Your responses will be plotted onto a computer graph (called an Audiogram) which will clearly display the pattern of any hearing loss.

A discussion of your test results

The results of your hearing test are available for you to view immediately and your Hearing Aid Audiologist will talk you through the your audiogram, what this means, and, if necessary, discuss hearing solutions and next steps with you. If these solutions include hearing aids, your Hearing Aid Audiologist will discuss the various options and demonstrate how aids would help you. We have a full range of the latest digital hearing aids to suit every lifestyle and budget.

An opportunity to ask questions and discuss concerns

Following your test take the opportunity to ask questions or discuss concerns with your Hearing Aid Audiologist. Your hearing is our primary concern and we want to make sure you are comfortable with every aspect of your hearing care.

Following your test your Hearing Aid Audiologist will discuss suggested next steps in your hearing care programme. Depending on the outcome of your test, this may be a retest after two years or recommendations for a hearing solution if a hearing loss is discovered.

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